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The market environment of the last few years has been a sobering reminder of the impact market volatility can have on retirement portfolios. This volatility has driven many investors to shift money out of the stock market into fixed income investments.

The trouble is, when interest rates remain low for an extended period – as they have in the U.S. for the last few years – it becomes far more challenging to produce the income needed in retirement.

Our target client is the high volume, creditworthy business operated by stable ownership. Even very successful businesses can find themselves faced with cash flow issues. In partnership with these businesses we are able to provide a much needed resource while returning our investors a secured and competitive rate of return.

This difficult reality has forced many retirees to adjust their expectations and lifestyles in retirement. The example to the right illustrates how the downturn in interest rates (represented here by the 10-Year, 3-Year and 6-Month Treasuries) can have a profound impact on income-producing investments. We assume a $100,000 investment in a 6-Month Treasury Bond for the interest income example.

From start to finish Prestige’s aim is to protect the income stream of our clients have come to believe in and depend on. Many investors today are tired of gambling and are dissatisfied with their returns. S.A.F.E. is a refreshing alternative that provides a safe, secure, liquid and guaranteed income stream.