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satisfied customers

  • Jeff

    Excellent company that has come through for me several times.... Jeff

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  • Cassandra

    I have been working with Prestige Investments for almost a year and found them to be very helpful. If you need cash and have a couple of... Cassandra

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  • David

    Need Cash fast call merchant Prestige Investments. I would like to tell you how happy I am with the results since working with MCC. The gentleman I... David

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  • Buy Direction Letter General Form
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  • Private Placement Disclaimer and Indemnity Agreement
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Open Account

Open An Account with Prestige
The market environment of the last few years has been a sobering reminder of the impact market volatility can have on retirement portfolios. This volatility has driven many investors to shift money out of the stock market into fixed income investments. …Read More

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Where is your investment going and how does it work?
Your secured funds are used as advances exclusively to our client base of over 39,000 merchant services clients. The businesses seeking funding are of all sizes, but mainly we provide a much needed funding alternative to smaller and medium size businesses that lack traditional funding sources. …Read More

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