Where is your investment going and how does it work?

Your secured funds are used as advances exclusively to our client base of over 39,000 merchant services clients. The businesses seeking funding are of all sizes, but mainly we provide a much needed funding alternative to smaller and medium size businesses that lack traditional funding sources. Debt is paid by the client’s receivables via merchant services being batched and debited daily (via ACH) for a specific percentage (average is 25%) until the full borrowed amount has been repaid (typically over a 6 to 8 month period).

We generate income through the payback of our merchant cash advance portfolio and, subject to reserve requirements, distribute this income on a quarterly basis. Investors can choose to reinvest this amount under our income reinvestment plan or by having it deposited directly into their bank account. A quarterly report to investors keeps each account holder up-to-date on his or her investment.

What rate of return can you expect?
S.A.F.E. offers attractive higher yielding alternatives to other income investments such as stocks & bonds. S.A.F.E. not only strives to provide the highest rate of income to its investors but is also committed to preserving investors capital. We take numerous steps to ensure your investment:

We carefully evaluate our member’s creditworthiness. The advances we provide are backed by the full faith, credit worthiness and secured collateralized assets of each client who is borrowing. The borrowers are legally required to honor their debt through various legal documents, pre-signed and compelling full payment on-demand.

Through a stringent and thorough underwriting process, we carefully assess an applicant’s credit worthiness to mitigate any risk. While each client’s credit risk and financial condition is evaluated, all advances are secured by eligible collateral. We maintain security with acceptable collateral sufficient to secure all advances at all times that the advance is outstanding to protect against losses.

We regularly and actively monitor the financial condition and performance of all borrowers. In addition to having access to daily reports and other financial data for clients based on sales and merchant services transactions, we also have representatives throughout the U.S. that physically assess the operation to determine the financial condition of our member’s businesses. Based on these evaluations we may take additional steps to protect our security interest in collateral pledged and impose borrowing limitations (e.g., term, product type, amount) to reduce credit exposure to a member experiencing financial decline.